The Human Condition is a documentary project aimed to shine light on the less seen facets of our society. 

Current globalization threatens to destroy the diversity of our world. We believe diversity to be the key to evolution but also, the key to beauty, to the human condition.

From a small community in the Andes fighting to preserve their identity and traditions to rough men satisfying their instinctive thirst for violence in a Cockfighting Coliseum in the Amazonian city of Iquitos, we intend to give them all a voice. We do not judge, as we know no better.

We present you with a world, an ideology, a cosmovision, with the hope that it will open your mind to understand that what you know, what you have been taught it is not an universal truth but, just another view.

The project presents portraits of communities through their lifestyles and events.

It aims to promote discussion about the rising tide of modernity. Always, it champions the preservation of culture and acknowledgement of the impacts of one people on another.

For more information please contact us at garciallauro@gmail.com.