The Promise

Sydney, a city less than 230 years old. One of the youngest metropolises in the world. A city founded by outcasts and rejects, then populated by hopeful, skilled and hardworking migrants from all over the world. People determined to build a new society, perhaps a more efficient one based on rationality and technological progress.

And so it be. Sydney is now one of the richest and most advance of cities in existence, with every luxury and comfort modern society can provide. Big houses, big loans, luxury cars, technological innovations at your fingertips. But the comforts of capitalism come at a price: long work hours, strong competition, materialism, individualism, solitude. We seem to willingly give up precious possessions such as time, empathy and community to trade it for personal gain, financial advantage and social status.

The hero is no longer the loving selfless humanist. It is Mr.big shot. Mr. CEO. His accomplishments and worth are represented by his salary, his possessions and a purchased sense of style. A revival of New York's corporate idols.